Winter Ecology Walk


Sat., Feb 21, 1-3pm, Highland Park. Join Pat Serrentino, wildlife ecologist….( on the title)

Open Sesame: The Story of Seeds – film & discussion

ggec-logo-60TraprockWed, Feb 25, 6:30pm - This FREE film and discussion addresses how ordinary citizens, like us, can start saving organic on title

Science and Sustainability Expo 2015

ggec-logo-60Sat. Mar 7, 2015  All-day at Greenfield Community College. The Expo is a unique, intergenerational, non-commercial, educational event for youth and adults ....more, click on title

Greening Greenfield Business Meeting

ggec-logo-60Wed, March 11, 6:30-9pm. Business Meeting - all are welcome. Location: Greenfield Community College East Building, Rm 110. To suggest an agenda item, or receive an email reminder of the meeting and the agenda, please click here.

Gold Fever – film & discussion

ggec-logo-60TraprockWed, March 25, 6:30pm- This film is about how the rights of a community are usurped by on title

The Ethics of Fracking– film & discussion

ggec-logo-60TraprockWed April 22 , 6:30 pm. With the gas intended for the pipeline coming from the fracking fields of on title