Greening Greenfield Energy Committee & Franklin County Home Care Corp (FCHCC)



Nancy Hazard, Co-chair, Greening Greenfield Energy Committee    


Roseann Martoccia, MPA, Executive Director, FCHCC       


Becca King, Co-chair, Greenfield 10% Challenge       





GREENFIELD, MA - At Hope & Olive’s May Soup and Game night fundraiser, Greening Greenfield Energy Committee raised $660 for Franklin County Home Care’s Elder Energy Saving Program, and signed up almost forty people who took home lawn signs for its recently launched Greenfield 10% Challenge.

“We are grateful to Hope & Olive and Greening Greenfield Energy Committee for their efforts,” said Roseann Martoccia, Executive Director of the Franklin County Home Care Corp. (FCHCC) “These funds will be added to The Elders Energy Fund to help Greenfield elders save money and energy.  The Fund provides income eligible Greenfield residents with the matching money necessary to receive $2000 given by MassSAVE, to help people insulate their homes.”

“We hope that this contribution to FCHCC will not only help elders reduce their energy costs, but also more elders  join our 10% Challenge, which aims to reduce energy use in Greenfield by at least 10% by the end of 2010, part of an overall goal to reduce our energy use and climate change emissions 80% by 2050,” said Becca King, co-chair of the Greenfield 10% Challenge.  “We also cannot thank Hope & Olive enough for the incredible role they are playing in building neighbor support and community in Greenfield!”

The fundraiser was made possible by Hope & Olive, and a network of Greenfield area eateries and farmers including Apex Orchards, Bart’s Cafe, China Gourmet, El Jardin, Mesa Verde, The People’s Pint, and The Green Fields Market.

Elders on fixed incomes have been greatly affected by increased energy costs over the past few years. Many are looking for ways to cut energy use before the cost of heating oil goes up past $4.00/ gallon again! Insulating and air sealing a home saves money by cutting the amount of energy needed to heat the home, making it more comfortable year after year. It is a great investment, but it costs money to get started.

Fortunately, the state of Massachusetts also understands how important it is to save energy and money, and the MassSAVE program, which is run by the utility companies, offers $2000 worth of FREE insulation and air sealing to homeowners and landlords of any age or income level. But the homeowner or landlord has to match this money. Technically, MassSAVE offers 75% of the cost of insulating and air sealing up to $2000, so that if the job costs $2660 or more, you would need to pay $660 to get the $2000 - and some people just do not have the $660! The funds raised by GGEC, and those available through FCHCC’s Elder Energy Saving Program, are to help with the $660 match.

Anyone who wants to take advantage of the MassSAVE should call 1-866-527-7283, or go to and sign up for a FREE energy assessment, also known as an energy audit, as soon as possible. Auditors will come to a home and tell the resident what to do to save money and energy. In addition to the $2000, they offer a 0% interest loan which can be used for additional insulation, or to replace old doors or inefficient equipment, such as furnaces and boilers. The loan can be paid off with the savings on the energy bill.

Elders interested in finding out more about Franklin County Home Care’s Elder Energy Fund and other programs for elders should go to FCHCC web site or call 413-773-5555 X 226.

For those interested in learning more about the Greenfield 10% Challenge, and how to join the fun and get a lawn sign, please go to, or call Becca at 773-7004.


Greenfield receives Leading By Example Award from Governor Patrick for our 'greening' efforts