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Greenfield’s Past - Greenfield’s Future

jmulliin.80Wed, March 2, 7pm. Second Congregational Church on Greenfield Town Common

What is Greenfield’s future? Dr. John Mullin, renowned speaker and professor of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning at the University of Massachusetts to explore Greenfield’s past, present and future, and engage us in an exciting dialogue.

In the 1800’s Greenfield was a thriving mill town, one of the wealthiest communities in New England, nestled in the abundance and beauty of the Pioneer Valley. After loosing its manufacturing jobs in the mid-1900’s, today it is experiencing a renaissance!

But what will the future hold? How will changes in our population, rising oil prices and the effects of climate change impact Greenfield and the surrounding community? What can we do to ensure Greenfield’s continuing renaissance?

Dr. John Mullin will bring his skills and insights as a planner, and his passion and knowledge of mill towns, sustainability, and demographic trends. He will review with us Greenfield’s rich industrial roots. He will then share with us what he has learned about shifts in population in Greenfield and the surrounding area over time - what people do - how old we are - and explore with us how this could help us plan our future. He will also explore with us the “S” word - sustainability - and what we can do now to ensure a vibrant, resilient future.

There will be lots of time for “Oprah-style” audience participation.

Dr. John R. Mullin is a researcher, author, and teacher. At UMass, Amherst, he is Dean of the Graduate School, Director of the Center for Economic Development, and a Professor in the Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning Department. He is also President of Mullin Associates Incorporated, an active research and planning consultation practice that focuses upon studies, plans and recommendations concerning economic revitalization and industrial development.

GGEC is collaborating with the Pioneer Valley Institute (PVI) to bring Dr. Mullin to Greenfield.