September 2010

As schools start up again, we recall that they clocked an estimated 559 total miles and spent over 46 hours on two wheels. Many reported this was their first time biking on a daily basis and had the immense pleasure of realizing they could really do it. Charlotte Gifford won the prize for biking from the farthest point, 31.7 miles from Westchester, Vermont. Sean Batingan won the prize for most days biked which was every day the whole school year from Greenfield. The prize for most miles total biked went to faculty member Peter Talmage, four days round trip from Northfield at 116 miles. And Peter Rosnick won the honor of biking the most miles total without an assist of any kind, 78 miles in three days round trip from Conway. Each winner received a water bottle and a certificate suitable for framing from The Bike To GCC Committee.

Montserrat Archbald, coordinator of this effort, said “What was so exciting for me was hearing from people who’d never biked before.  Many wrote about how much they enjoy being outside, seeing the scenery at bike-speed. Everyone knows the health benefits and environmental benefits, but here in Franklin County it’s also just a joy to travel by bike.” Some students living right in Greenfield found biking to GCC  was actually easier than driving.


  1. Beth Erviti was so inspired she wrote the following recipe for joyous biking:

  2. Take your bike back from your kid.  It's YOUR bike after all. Or 
use this moment as an opportunity to buy yourself a nice new one with comfy 

  3. Just decide to do it ahead of time and be stubborn about it.

  4. As you ride, keep thinking about the money you are saving, the 
planet you are helping, and how fit you are getting - all for no extra gym 

  5. Once you have achieved you goal, TAKE that saved money and donate 
it to a worthy cause or do something nice for yourself or your family - 
support the economy!

  6. Bask in your fit, toned physique.

Congratulations to the fifteen GCC students and employees who commuted by 
bicycle. Aaron Cusimano,Beth Erviti,Charlotte Gifford, Chaz Nielsen, Dottie Parrill,Gregory Garrison, Judi Singley, Nancy Bair, Nicole Lenois, Peter Rosnick, Peter Talmage, Robin Howard, Sean Batingan, Bob LaPalmo and Teresa Jones. Hopefully their example will inspire others and we’ll have our streets crowded with bikers. A wonderful new problem for the greening of Greenfield!

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