April 2010 – Greenfield High School

We are thrilled to honor Greenfield High School art students for their commitment to recycling and the healthy future of our community.

Throughout the last year, these eight students have worked in collaboration with the Greenfield Department of Public Works, Artists of Franklin County, and Greening Greenfield Energy Committee to fulfill the goals of “Artfully Recycle,” a Massachusetts Cultural Council grant. To increase recycling in the public areas of Greenfield, the students have painted eye-catching designs and messages on large, green recycling bins to call attention to the importance of recycling cans and bottles. Each of  nine bins is colorfully decorated with an original message that explains a scene such as … “Keep an eagle eye on recycling,” or “Keep the Green River beautiful,” or simply “Recycle.” The students’ art shows their personal interest in helping Greenfield clean-up and recycle. Explaining her creation, Candace said, “I love music.  When I began this project, I thought of all the musical instruments I used to make out of aluminum tins, pots, pans, and bottles, all recyclable products.  I wanted to use that idea to incorporate music with nature. I really hope these bins … get people to think more about recycling and their effect on nature.” When asked why they participated in this project, virtually all of the students replied something similar to Jocelyn, “I hope that these bins will brighten up the community, and encourage people to recycle and help keep Greenfield and the earth clean. These bins make recycling more exciting and fun. GO EARTH!”

When you see these playful bins around Town this summer, please pitch-in by using them to recycle your cans and bottles. Throw other trash in the trash cans.

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